Rowton Castle itself is a Grade ll listed building and is mentioned in the Doomsday Book.

The whole complex stands in the site of an original Roman Fort. Many parts of the Castle date back to 1696.

Rowton Castle


All apartment owners have a shareholding interest in the company that owns the freehold. In fact, only the owners of apartments are allowed such a share. The benefit of this ensures that the future holding of the ownership of the apartment is maintained and the renewal of a lease agreement is at minimal cost. The Leases were extended in 2007 for a further 90 years which makes the leases expire in the year 2168 with a peppercorn (nil) ground rent.
Obviously, it also maintains the integrity of ensuring that your asset is passed onto your successors without fear of the possible loss of the lease, making the transfer easy.


The Residents Association is the vehicle that utilises the Annual Maintenance Fees in the best and most efficient manner. The fees are currently set at £120 per month. These have increased over the last two years from £100 which were set in 2005. The reason is that this was due to large expenditures over the last two years mainly on Health and Safety issues which depleted the reserves. Incidentally, one of the main expenditures each year is the clearance of moss from the gutters and roofs which is not a bad thing as moss only grows where the air quality is exceptionally good – another plus point for living at Rowton Court. The fees ensure that the regular contracts for maintenance and upkeep to the grounds, gardens and equipment are maintained to a high standard. It overlooks and assists in the upkeep of external painting and decorations. It adds to the aesthetics where possible and within the costs budgeted.

The company takes care of the communal lighting maintenance and account. It also provides the continuity of services within the complex such as: a well located and disguised waste disposal area, laundry lines for drying clothing in a dedicated area of the grounds and ensuring that the facility and area for washing your car is maintained.

Even during the autumn and winter months, it continues to service the grounds by way of clearing snow (when possible), clearing away fallen leaves and continuity of general upkeep of the gardens and grounds.

Although the development is rural there is a local service that provides newspapers, milk, bread and eggs every early morning as well as a mini supermarket and post office within two miles plus a large supermarket (COOP) within four miles. In addition, there is a two hour bus service into Shrewsbury and Welshpool. For those who are online, Asda, Sainsburys and Tesco make home deliveries as about eight residents use this service at present. So, we are not cut off from civilisation.

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The shareholders of the companies on an annual basis vote the Directors in, and each accepts to honour a sound business code of conduct to execute the many actions and responsibilities placed upon them.

The Maintenance Fees are a mandatory and equal payment by all apartment owners, irrespective of size of apartment or location within the grounds. As the area of cost are equitable to all, then it has been deemed fair that the proportionate cost is equal. This also applies to the Annual Buildings Insurance costs, which the Freehold Company maintains responsibility for collection of all payment and renewal annually. Obviously, we ensure that the costs remain competitive at all times but without resulting in the loss of cover benefits.

Of course, any other costs that are incurred within or directly associated with your own property/apartment, is directly down to you for payment. The nitty gritty detail is contained within the Lease Agreement and would not surprise anyone in terms of what you would be expected to be responsible for.